hot-water-boilerWater to drink and bathe in and heat for your home are two very important systems that require ongoing maintenance to operate properly and efficiently. A couple of dollars spent maintaining these systems will not only fend off costly repair or replacement, usually at the most inopportune time, but will keep these systems running like new.

Heating Systems

For a heating system to run properly and safely, it must have an annual tune up, cleaning and inspection. Soot buildup over the year can clog airways and exhaust flues between the firebox and the chimney, slowing down the transfer of heat to your furnace at best, causing a dangerous backup of carbon monoxide gas in your home in the worst case. This condition can be prevented by an annual inspection and cleaning. After cleaning, adjustments to the burners are made to ensure that your system is running the most efficiently, saving you fuel and money.

Water Systems

The water in our homes contains various minerals and chemicals that can slowly eat away at pipes and valves and clog filters in the faucets. You have probably seen the white or green crusty material on your shower head, for instance. This is corrosion and deposits from the minerals and chemicals in your water. Depending on the amount of these corrosion causing chemicals, the shower head will slowly clog up, and the valves will become hard to work and not open or close completely.