Video Inspection

metro rooterHave you ever had a backup that the plunger or the snake just couldn’t handle? It happens all the time. Often the problem isn’t in the toilet, the sink trap, or even in the house at all, but out in the yard between you and the septic system or town sewer. Typically, tree roots push their way into the drain pipe, either through a loose joint or a crack. This can be a real, costly problem.

Charlie Murch Plumbing and Heating can help, and in the process, save you time, money, and best yet, no digging up the lawn and garden!

Find the Problem with Video Inspection

Before we can fix the problem, we first have to find the clog. No problem with our state of the art video camera inspection and location equipment.

Instead of randomly digging in the garden or lawn, or under the sidewalk, we can literally see where the problem is before we pull out the shovels.

With a remote control color camera and range finding tool, we can find and assess the problem and determine what is the most cost effective repair. And you can watch, too! We can even record and annotate the video, so you have a record of what we repaired.

Check out this video from the manufacturer of the equipment we use:

Now to Fix the Clog

Whether is turns out to be an object stuck in the pipe, or more commonly, a tree root growing through the drain, we can clear it without digging. This not only saves us time, this saves you money. And more importantly, your lawn and garden!

We have two power rooters designed for the various pipes in your home. The smaller unit is used for the drain and vent pipes between the fixtures up to the main waste pipe in the home, while the larger unit is used to clean the large pipe connecting your home to the septic system or town sewer. The larger unit is powerful enough to cut out tree roots which may have grown into the outside pipe.

Whichever tool we use, you can be sure that we can fix your clogged system in the most efficient, cost effective way possible.

metro_rooter_2We are ready to solve these and many other plumbing issues for You NOW! Contact us today for a free estimate and to learn more about your options.